Super Aerial Bros


Mario and Luigi fly through the Mushroom World


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Super Aerial Bros is a very simple arcade game where you control the flight Mario and Luigi as they soar through the Mushroom World's sky after being shot out of a cannon.

Your goal is to go as far as possible while collecting as many coins as you can. Then, when you get to the end and Mario falls to the ground, you can post your score to the official website and compete against the rest of the players around the world.

The problem is that you will run into all sorts of obstacles and enemies along the way. These range from plants that come out of the green pipes to flying toads. Everything that you encounter in your path, except coins or stars, will hurt you. And you only have three hearts before you fall to the ground.

Super Aerial Bros is simple and fun, and it is ideal for short games. The best thing about it is that you can either play alone or with a friend on the same computer, as one of you controls Mario and the other, Luigi.
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